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The work I have covered with other design team members, (who are free lance professionals) has been varied.

Some of Eden Architecture’s clients have asked for designs as diverse as:

Class II listed building
Earth construction: Cob, Rammed Earth, Adobe (with spiral turf roof)
Straw bale
Timber Frame (Oak)
Anaerobic Digesters (AD)

As the construction market has changed, I have been focusing more on Energy. The practice has now carried out feasibility studies and has had commissioned several 4kWp Photo Voltaic arrays and designed others.

I have successfully gained planning consent from the county council for two 1MW AD plants.

I am currently working on a Pico-Hydro project and Pico-AD plant for a client.

Another interesting development is Energy Monitoring and Management.

Energy Monitoring and Management is now very affordable with an excellent return on small capital investment.

For an example of a commercial installation consider:

A 6-bedroom public house was spending £67,000/year on energy. The installation of wireless technology reduced their consumption by £17,000, which paid for the £7,000 capital investment in the year the equipment was installed.

This is typical of the cost benefit.

I have successfully improved the thermal performance of many different types of building by improving the solar gain, thermal mass and insulation. I particularly enjoy finding fixtures and fittings that further reduce the energy consumption of any building. This is enhanced by the use of wireless energy monitoring and controlled programming.

More details of each facet of building construction, energy management and generation can be seen within this website.

These attachments are examples of projects that have been granted planning consent, building regulation approval; and some have reached completion: